“A New Thing”

Many of us have experienced that inner desire to do something new and different, and for most of us it tends to go a little deeper than buying a new car or pair of shoes, or even dining at a new restaurant.  Deep down within us lives this nagging desire to do something that validates who we are and gives us a sense of purpose. It could be moving to a new city or country, or starting that business that we’ve always wanted to start, or my personal testimony, writing the story that I can’t seem to stop thinking about. Whatever it is, there has been a time where we’ve all wanted to do “a new thing”. But why is it that, so often, before we can do what we want to do, we’ll give ourselves a list of things that we believe we have to do first?  Those “have tos” usually operate like stumbling blocks to our progress.  In our heads, we say: “While, I’d love to do that, I have to do this, first, and then I’ll get to that.” Do we use these statements so loosely because we are afraid that we may fail at our “new thing”?  Is it used because we don’t honestly want to put in the work required to see it manifest? Or, does change really frighten us because in “a new thing” lies the unknown?


Let’s become free together and live a life where we allow the beauty of what we love to be what we do – Rumi/Buck