Many of us have experienced that inner desire to do something new and different, and for most of us it tends to go a little deeper than buying a new car or pair of shoes, or even dining at a new restaurant.  Deep down within us lives this nagging desire to do something that validates who we are and gives us a sense of purpose. It could be moving to a new city or country, or starting that business that we’ve always wanted to start, or my personal testimony, writing the story that I can’t seem to stop thinking about. Whatever it is, there has been a time where we’ve all wanted to do “a new thing”. But why is it that, so often, before we can do what we want to do, we’ll give ourselves a list of things that we believe we have to do first?  Those “have tos” usually operate like stumbling blocks to our progress.  In our heads, we say: “While, I’d love to do that, I have to do this, first, and then I’ll get to that.” Do we use these statements so loosely because we are afraid that we may fail at our “new thing”?  Is it used because we don’t honestly want to put in the work required to see it manifest? Or, does change really frighten us because in “a new thing” lies the unknown?


Let’s become free together and live a life where we allow the beauty of what we love to be what we do – Rumi/Buck

6 thoughts on ““A New Thing”

  1. There are no new lands to conquer Only new goals new adventures and new people to meet that’s what I feel like separates man from the beast .but the beast fears nothing so let it out.

  2. When I first heard ” A New Thing” it constantly played over and over in my head. I have to admit, ” A new thing” can be quite scary, because you never know what to expect. However through different life experiences and the want to obtain my goals, I could only embrace ” A new thing” with open arms. Personally ” A New Thing” symbolizes freedom. Being free from the opinions and expectations of others, and allowing myself to live life. I enter into this new world of mine, ensured that I’m doing the things I love! Similar to what you quoted Ms. Nora. So thank you so much for sharing a ” A New Thing”.

  3. Growing up I witnessed a majority of my peers; talk and not do or watch and not help. Many did both which attributed to these things becoming my two most intolerable pet peeves to date. I’D HAD ENOUGH!! I woke up one day last march disappointed, self loathing, and heavily questioning my purpose in life. I had planned on using my income tax to take a trip to LA just to get far away and see what else this world had to offer but on this day an idea I hadn’t thought of before struck. Why not move there!?!? Something inside told me this is what I needed in order to grow and better myself as an individual but to also gain more knowledge of this country many of us just hear about on tv. My personality was dying every day going to the same job, driving down the same streets, seeing the SAME people….lol. After seeing both parents live monotonous and seemingly lonely I couldn’t fathom being content or even raising a family in that environment. I need more. I want success more than I breath, not only for me, but how can I tell my children to be great and be leaders when their father followed the crowd? We all want our children to be more than us but how about we set the bar as high as we are able so our sons and daughters don’t have to watch television or use other outlets to find people they aspire to be. Ive been in California for 6 months and I can say it is by far the BEST DECISION I MADE IN MY LIFE. Regardless of the doubt I received prior from people I least expected it from, the determination I have to be great will always outweigh any negative influences. I encourage anyone who has a dream, goal or just want “A New Thing”, to make those thoughts actions and DO. People always ask me what I came here for and I always answer … ” I know the world is bigger than Philadelphia.” I will be one of the few that “make it out” and will make way for more to do so after.You’re either gon’ build or destroy. Never hesitate to give love….

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